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Gerald Posner, former Chief Investigative Reporter of The Daily Beast.

Naughty Naughty Posner…

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As a new writer you want to leave your mark. You want to make noise, create a stir, cause waves. But what if it backfires?

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I was just checking my e-mail to see if I heard back from any more of the agents I queried and I got another rejection letter, however despite not having been chosen, it was still very encouraging.  Because the personalized rejection letter is almost as rare as the chupacabra, I thought I’d share my teeny bit of happiness with you all. I’ve left the agent and the agency out of the quote.

Dear Ms. Wilson,

Thanks so much for sending me your query–NO GODS FOR ARTHROPODS is a very cool title. I also liked the premise a lot, but I don’t feel after having read the opening pages that I have a good idea of how I would sell this. I’m sorry that that’s kind of a lame response, since this is does have potential, but I’m sure another agent will be able to see how to make it work. So I will step aside and say good luck and thank you for the opportunity.

Best regards,

And there you have it.


In other good news, JABerwocky Literary Agency is accepting queries again!!! For those of you who don’t know. They are essentially my dream agency. So, If I do get rejected. That’s certainly going to be one to frame.


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[Sorry once again, about the strange time signatures. Apparently, I can post from the future. The real date and time is  Jan 31st, 8pm]

mac and the uni

...a little bed time story for Mac.

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