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Pictured is the famous Rosetta Stone, essential in cracking the code of Hieroglyphics

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When was the last time a superbowl was pretty much done at half-time?

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I’m sure I’m post no. 3,795,324 that’s discussing Apple’s sneaky release of their new tablet device the iPad. I didn’t even bother putting a “more” tag, because I figure once someone sees the photo they’ll be saying to themselves. “Not this again!”

Still, I just had to offer up my own picayune’s worth of commentary: KEWL! ^_^

The List

  • It uses all of the apps available in the app store (140,000) Along with new iWork capability (slide presentations/graphs/etc.)
  • It has a 9.7 inch LED display with 10 hours of “juice” life.
  • It weighs 1.5 lbs and is 0.5 inches thin.
  • Multi-touch screen display (1000 integrated sensors!) with tilt capability.
  • Is available in two models 3G and Wireless along with built in Bluetooth 2.1.

I must admit as much as I dislike Apple’s closed platform. The iPad’s design is very chic. However, after watching their “initiation video” I feel sort of underwhelmed that this device is following in tow with their previous apple gadgets of being closed with Apple proprietary. Honestly, this is solely a recreational device. Even with iWork, I still prefer to use other OS applications to any of Apple’s. I would much rather purchase a nice tablet notebook which I can customize to my specifications. For example, I like to use netflix, especially their instant watch feature, but with Apple putting all of their devices on “lock down” it is impossible to have a truly enjoyable limit free internet browsing experience.

One of the most interesting features I noticed was Apple’s e-book capability(Who didn’t see this one coming? Am I right?) that really is looking to charge into rival e-book readers, especially sense the iPad is multi-functional, meaning less tech to haul around.

Am I sold? Not really. As I’ve said I like to have more flexability in my device, but if that isn’t an issue with you, at the price of $499 it’s not a bad buy.

Does anyone know the GB space on this thing?


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