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Her Name is Ed Wilson

Thoughts, Anyone?


I’m E.D. Wilson, but you can call me Ed. I decided to start a blog about writing. Are you a professional? You ask. Nope, I most certainly am not. Then what’s the point? Well, I enjoy writing and reading so, why not?

Like every single aspiring writer I have dream. A dream of readers rifling through pages of my strange fantasy novels. Which brings me to the most important point of all–I’m a total nerd. I was a nerd in high school, I was a nerd in college, and now that I’m a semi-literate graduate, I’ll be a nerd for the rest of my life.

A little quid pro quo about myself (probably using that term totally inappropriately) is that my favorite band is the Black Keys and my favorite comedy show is Chuck. That’s saying a lot because I watch most of my “brain melt” material on my computer. I love to play LBP (littlebigplanet for you kids).

Finally, I have a dog named Mac and you’ll probably be hearing a lot about our escapades.


I hope you drop by and stay awhile. 😉



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