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Thoughts, Anyone?

Rolling hills, dusty plains, and blood. Lots of it!

The wild is calling in Rockstar’s next title Red Dead Redemption, releasing April 27th this year.

John Marston better watch his back.

It may be set in the Old West, but still present are Rockstar’s gaming staples.  You play as withering renegade John Marston who is coerced into bringing down an iron-fist after his family is threatened by federal agents.  It’s set in the 1900s and the  time of the “good ‘ol cowyboy” is dying. You must navigate Marston through the booze stained  lawless degenerates living in this “New America.”

John orders a "Wild Turkey."

All your fantasies about living in the old west (albeit ignoring historical accuracy) are all to be found. Rockstar promises intense gun battles, dramatic train robberies, bounty hunting and duels during a time of violent change.


Honestly, in Rockstar Fashion, they won’t be “spilling the beans” about gameplay until much closer to its release.

Still, check out the latest trailer below.


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