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Her Name is Ed Wilson

Thoughts, Anyone?

You know when you wake up in the morning, bike to work, and  you settle in your office chair with your black tea or Peruvian blend  simmering  just to the left of your keyboard. It’s early and you’re anxious about having to endure a torrent of customer service calls.  But the one thing you always look forward to is your inbox. Whether it be gmail, yahoo, or hotmail,  it’s the one sanctuary that is free from requests or worry. It’s got a super impenetrable spam filter and everything is nicely tucked away in digital folders.  Finally, you take a peek, read a couple of messages from good friends and then…

There he is. The annoying dude that always seems to find the address. He wasn’t invited, but he’s still wharfing down all of your food, hogging the karaoke machine, and just generally being an “inbox buzzkill.” Yes, I’m talking about the random youtube friend invite. It’s usually some person trying to become the next “celeb of the internets”  or begging you to listen to their “kewl indie band”  or whatever the case may be. Honestly, I don’t mind shameless self-promotion, but really, learn how to target an audience. If someone were to send me a message, asking me to sample some of their music or look at some of their videos. That’s completely fine. That’s how I discovered one of my favorite channels The Landline.

But just as in “IRL” you don’t go barging up to complete strangers asking them to be your “bestie.”  Random rant? I know.


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