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Thoughts, Anyone?

There was once a time when all an author needed was their thoughts and a typewriter.

Well, times are a changin’.

Now an author needs a twitter, a flickr, a youtube, a facebook, a wordrpess, a blogspot, a myspace, an orkut, and etc. all in the hopes that one person will recognize them. Remember them.  No more ivory tower artists stewing in their thoughts, but writers have been pressured to keep snappy blogs about arbitrary adventures just to “keep in touch” with their media savvy readers. In a way we’ve become storytelling stars and starlets promoting our books  as actors and actresses promote their silver screen debut.  All of it in the hopes that once the tweet has been read and the blog has been hit one of these people will actually pick-up and read our book.

But where do we draw the line? Is there a line?

Literary Agent of Curtis Brown LTD, Nathan Bransford, asked these very questions after a writer wrote in on his blog.  He wondered is an author now as susceptible to media over saturation as the latest “it girl” or “leading man?” What about our privacy?

Personally, I think the writer was looking at the glass half-empty. Yes, most of us writers are sun-starved introverts but like any entrepreneur you have to market yourself. If you can’t explain why your book should be read, then why would anyone want to read it? It’s not like author’s aren’t already scorned in the media. Have you flipped through NY Times book reviews or even The Onion’s?  Look how many people chaff Stephanie Meyer or Dan Brown just because they’re “mainstream.”  So if you’re worried about being overexposed and under appreciated, you’ll get plenty of that when you make it big.

I don’t think we will have to worry about people photographing our three month olds or placing us on the “worst dressed” lists anytime too soon. The only worry may be an occasional creepy e-mail from an overzealous fan, but truth be told, we writers aren’t that interesting.

So, what’s the harm?

Thoughts, anyone?


Photo is copyright of starbuck guy‘s flickr page.


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