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Her Name is Ed Wilson

Thoughts, Anyone?

Really, who cares?

Every time  some clueless celebrity spouts the “N” word am I supposed to jump up indignantly? Because I won’t.

Believe me when I say “the word” is offensive, execrable, and I find its use repugnant, but it is still just a word.  He trashed black women? Big deal. One idiot’s opinion is not going to cause me to flip into an emotional turbine. Morons tend to say stupid things. Worse, people always want a comment from the “party of the offended?” What are your thoughts?? Your opinions??  As if what I thought truly mattered. People say worse when safe from public scrutiny, hidden  in their rooms, and behind closed doors. Why am I not  asked for comment then? Because, it doesn’t really matter what John Mayer said, all that matters is *he* said it.

So he apologized? How has my life really changed? In a few weeks or months this will just be another story among all the others. Nothing  learned or gained. It’s just another case of celebrity preoccupation, placing their idiosyncrasies on a mantle for all to lambaste and admire.

I think it’s time to get back to my real life and worry less about the latest “fake outrage.”


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