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Thoughts, Anyone?

The Beast is released.

As a writer you have to stay abreast of the ever changing amplitude of the publishing industry. I was browsing through articles on Galleycat and discovered that the Daily Beast has established a new publishing arm. Their first foray is a true crime novel  named Angel Face: The Real Story of Student Killer Amanda Knox, salacious enough for ya?

I was particularly piqued because The Beast is still relatively in its nascent stages, the site launched only in October of 2008. Moreover, it’s an aggregator site, meaning it snatches up all of the “top links” of the day(political scandals, celeb entertainment, and couture) for people to consume and devour.  It’s sort of like the Huffington Post or

Anyway, it interests me to see it taking such valiant strides especially because of all of the doom and gloom of the industry being bandied about. You know, all that talk about how publishing is dead? I’m assuming based upon the title that the book is non-fiction so in that sense the risk is less well, risky. But if the Beast can brand itself so strongly and back a book that would certainly cater to its readership, then is it possible for authors looking for independent success?

I think it’s possible, any thoughts?


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