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Thoughts, Anyone?

This is Mark Pellegrino.

And if you don’t know who this man is, you haven’t been watching movies or television. He is like the “Where’s Waldo” of Hollywood.  The sheer gamut of his thespian ability reaches far across every genre.  I suddenly came to this epiphany while watching Capote last evening (excellent film by the way) and of course, there he was, the go-to “ghost” of Hollywood, Mark Pellegrino. Even better he’s actually a  terrific actor, nuanced and pensive. Although he may not yet be a household name,  his obscurity has afforded him the freedom to be unconventional. Many of his past roles have been between horrific and sapient or exposed and mystical. Please be aware that this post may contain SPOILERS!!!

Here are my Favorite “Where’s Pellegrino” moments:

Jacob (Lost 2008)

Lost is one of the few television shows I actually watch on TV. Everything else I’ll probably rent a few dvds or watch instantly on Netflix’s expansive instant service. Cause quite frankly, most of television well, sucks. Pellegrino’s Jacob emerged in the “tail end” of Season 5. In all of the characters’ most pivotal moments, Jacob materialized offering some benevolent words of advice or interjecting himself  minutes before a tragic event. Now with season 6, he remains a mysterious presence on the island. All we know is that Jacob has been in a sort of fisticuffs with his nemesis in a game that’s purpose has yet to be revealed. Unfortunately, because of a loophole, Jacob was stabbed at the hands of Ben Linus and we are just now discovering the dire consequences of his death.

Lucifer (Supernatural 2009)

I never thought I’d like the devil, but Pellegrino has converted me to the “dark side.” He plays the disgruntled and misunderstood Lucifer, who makes Sam and Dean Winchester’s lives a living hell.  As expected, Lucifer loathes humanity and attempts to release Death (one of the “four horsemen”) from his tomb to pillage the earth of all its repugnant “sapien” kind.  Unfortunately Lucifer suffers the same fate as Jacob, but instead of a dagger to the heart he’s given a bullet to the brain.

Joe Messing (Mulholland Dr. 2001)

You thought Lucifer was the devil? Well, you’re wrong. The real devil goes by the name of David Lynch. Lynch is a true luminary in cinema and Mulholland Dr. is a true piece of perennial film making. The best part of this movie is, I don’t really understand what the hell is going on and you know what,  I don’t care!  The film is about a woman named Betty Elms who  hopes to become the next “it girl” in the city of “stars and lights,” but a strange encounter with a dark-haired amnesiac named Rita changes her life forever. Pellegrino stars as Joe Messing, an incompetent assassin,who tries to kill Rita and fails.  In an attempt to confiscate evidence he brutally shoots two other innocent people. Turns out in some parallel reality it was actually Betty (a.k.a Diane Selwyn) who ordered the hit. It gets a bit trippy from there so I’ll leave you to discover the repercussions.

Blonde Treehorn Thug (The Big Lebowski 1998)

Dude, have you seen this movie? If not, you’re missing out on a cult comedy classic, and quite frankly a college staple. I’ve heard this movie quoted endless amounts of times so I’ll spare you. The movie stars Jefferey “The Dude” Lewbowski, a soiled robe wearing bowling addict, who comes home from grocery shopping to find two thugs ransacking his place. Turns out they have the wrong freaking Lebowski. Worse, one of them (Pellegrino), “The Blonde Treehorn Thug,” takes a leak on the Dude’s rug. From then on, The Dude goes on a righteous journey for proper rug restitution.

These are a few of my favorite Pellegrino sightings, but he crops up everywhere:  Tales of the Crypt, CSI, Chuck, and Dexter. Dude’s been around…

Screw Kevin Bacon! There really needs to be a “six degrees of  Mark Pellegrino” game.

Am I crazy or is this man simply everywhere?


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