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Thoughts, Anyone?

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this, but in case I haven’t, I’ll confess once more.

I’m a bit of a “cardio junkie.”  I don’t like to think in the obnoxious sense (see: compression shorts and sprint goggles).

But I do love to run. Personally, it helps me clear my mind and escape everything else for 90 minutes.  After a run or jog, I like to have a snack. If you know anyone who runs or exercises regularly, you probably know they have their post work-out “ritual.” It’s nothing too serious or even serious at all really. It’s just a little something we’ve designed for ourselves to keep us energized throughout the rest of the day.

Here’s my top 5:

5. Bananas

Why they’re so awesome: Yummy doses of healthy potassium packed in a sweet and mushy package. Even better, they’re portable and ready to go anywhere when you’re really in a crunch for a snack. In addition to adding to your daily percentage of fruits and veggies,  it also is a quick filler (for me at least) keeping you going for the remainder of the day.

4. Smoked Herring

Why it’s so awesome: I know you’re thinking “canned fish? Really?” Yes really. ^_^ The small little smoke herring fillets have a wonderful soft and salty texture. They literally fall apart once you take a bite. They are chock full of omega-3 and high in natural protein.  You can have most any kind you like. Obviously herring’s my favorite, but there’s chunk tuna, sardines in olive oil, and many other countless varieties. The best part is the bones are so soft that you don’t have to worry about picking them out.

3. Peanut Butter Sandwiches

Why they’re so awesome: It can be chunky or chewy, but it’s always delicious. Best of all, it’s is full of natural peanut protein. It takes no brains to prepare and is easy on the wallet, unlike whole almonds or peanuts. Plus, you can combine it with bananas or whatever you like pretty much. I eat gobs of this stuff everyday.

2. Chocolate Milk

Why it’s so awesome: Who doesn’t like chocolate? It’s a great post-workout treat! Muscles are burning milk protein but with a chocolate kick!

and finally number 1 is….

1. Family Pet

Why it’s so awesome: I know you’re thinking “Uh, you want me to eat my dog?…” Umm, not exactly, but there’s no denying that Fido can keep a guy/gal fueled for the rest of the day.  You’re done jogging/working out and have lots of spare energy to throw the ball or squeaky mouse around. The best reward is allowing your “fur kid” to have your personal love and attention. And hey, it’s pretty fun too.

And there you have it. The list of my top 5 favorite post-workout fuels.

Do you guys have any rituals of your own?



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