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Super Bowl Sunday is around the corner, meaning lots of fun swilling  lager libations, swearing at our 52 inch Plasma HD TVs, and screaming “IN YO’ FACE!!!” to the suckers who rooted for the losing team. I loved Super Bowl 2008 (Pats vs. Giants) because  it had everything from upsets to overtime. Truthfully, I’m more of a basketball fan, but I do love sport parties and in honor of  this year’s tailgate  mecca, Sun Life City Stadium of Miami Florida, I present to you my top 5 Bromances countdown to prepare you and your buddies for bonding on the big night. Please be aware that this post may contain SPOILERS!!!

5. Mike and Trent (Swingers 1996)

From Left to Right: Vince Vaughn (Trent), Jon Favreau (Mike), and wingman Patrick Van Horn (Sue)

Mike, an aspiring screenwriter in L.A, has been dumped and ever since then he’s basically been “that guy.” We all know the guy. Irritating, self-loathing, always recanting his ex’s “cutsey” foibles during late night poker games (see: buzzkill). In comes Trent and and he isn’t taking Mike’s ****. The entire night Trent and his wingman Sue show Mike how to be “money.” They spend all their time picking up women and hopping from the best and most secret swing bars and beer dens Los Angeles has to offer(despite an embarrassing scene with Mike and an answering machine).  At the end of it all, Mike learns you can love more than once and Sue learns he doesn’t have to be such a hardcore skeezy poser to feel important.  Also, a young Vince Vaughn, yeah money.

4. Shaun and Ed (Shaun of the Dead 2004)

Simon Pegg (Shaun) and Nick Frost (Ed)

When the crap goes down and the zombies invade the earth, will you be ready?  That’s what British slacker Shaun is asking himself when all of the people outside of his home have mysteriously transformed into the walking dead. Worse, he was dumped by his girlfriend for forgetting their dinner reservations, his mother is marrying his grumpy step-dad, and he has a douchebag for a best friend named Ed.  Although Ed can be somewhat hard to love, he keeps Shaun in good spirits when losing all of his loved ones his step-father, his mother, and eventually Ed himself. However, Ed makes a come back when the “dead people ‘pocalypse” subsides. He returns as a zombie and Shaun visits the now “dead Ed” in a shack behind his house to play some xbox multiplayer.

3. Tyler Durden and the “Narrator” (Fight Club 1999)

Brad Pitt (Tyler Durden) and Edward Norton (The Narrator)

Probably the most headtripping bromance yet.  The “Narrator” is stewing in the typical upper-class malaise until he finds some reinvigoration by attending substance abuse meetings, listening to the sincere exploits of recovering addicts. Suddenly, he meets a stranger by the name of Tyler Durden who shares his secret for living–bottom dwelling basement fights! The Narrator and Tyler spend the entire movie wrangling more “mangsty” youths to join in and free themselves by beating one another into comatose. Turns out the narrator’s bromance is really a one man affair. Tyler is the Narrator and the Narrator is Tyler. By the conclusion, The Narrator learns to cope with living in a material obsessed society, although it took the demolition of most of New York City to realize it.

2. Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield (Pulp Fiction 1994)

John Travolta (Vincent Vega) and Samuel L. Jackson (Jules Winnfield)

Truthfully, although I like this film, it’s not one of my personal favorite bromances, but I couldn’t have a man-ship list without these famous two. Vincent Vega and Jules Winfield are a match made in hired goon heaven. They relish in discussing the strange transliterations of American fast food in foreign countries, they enjoy talking about existentialism and reading cryptic scripture while dispatching of human evidence, and they’re pretty well, badass!

1. Chuck Bartowski & Morgan Grimes (Chuck 2007-???)

Josh Gomez (Morgan Grimes) and Zachary Levi (Chuck)

And of course my favorite man love couple, “Gritowski” or “Muck” or pick your favorite portmanteau!  Two sweet natured nee’r do wells working in retail hell, but boy do they make it look fun! Because Chuck’s actually a super secret spy (see: accident) he’s always had to face lying to his loved ones, including Morgan. Despite this, Morgan has always defended Chuck even if he is tranquilized on numerous occasions, poisoned, threatened by extremely beautiful fatales, there is one thing Mogan won’t do, rat out his “bestie!” Hey Chuck has to put up with a lot with Grimes too. Lots of their conversations somehow become trounced by Morgan’s constant pining over Chuck’s older sister. But through thick and thin, just like the Buy More, these two are never going out of business.

Now that you’ve got some bromance inspiration, I’ll leave you with this skit from the now defunct MadTV. Watch it and enjoy before it gets pulled from youtube.

Have a great weekend and…




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