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Her Name is Ed Wilson

Thoughts, Anyone?

And I don’t blame them.

I just read engadget’s message to it’s readers: Shut the *__* up!!!  They are postponing the “lively” comments section for the interim. As much as I enjoy and respect my right  to freedom of speech, I realize that when leaving a comment I should a. be polite, b. be relevant, and c. not be spam. For some reason people with different opinions and civility just don’t mix, especially when you’re well shielded by an “anon” account. People can’t just agree to disagree, they have to resort to flame wars in ALL CAPS… or use wringed out internet memes or racial epithets until everyone forgets the reason they were debating in the first place. Worse, the debate is usually over PC vs. Mac or PS3 vs. Xbox 360 or Zune vs. Ipod etc. (see: irrelevant).

Seriously, what happened to well-reasoned debate? Oh, that’s right it never existed anyway.  I sort of have a sneaking suspicion that this decision had to do with the iPad’s current release.

Don’t know.

I do know that arguing on the internet makes about as much sense as dinosaurs with lasers…

Unrelated UPDATE:

Finally fixed the freakin’ clock on this thing. This is actually my most recent post.



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