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Her Name is Ed Wilson

Thoughts, Anyone?

Come my estranged and sandy faced children…

For we cannot tarry here.

Have you got your polar bears?

Have you got your Hydra stations ready?

O, Losties! O, Losties!

Okay. Okay… yes I just made a horrific parody of the classic Walt Whitman poem. But it was the only way for me to prepare what will most possibly be the most epic final season in the history of television.  All of the patient Lost-philes who’ve been waiting since season one will come to know the darkest most surreal secrets of the island come tomorrow.

Questions such as who’s in the cabin? Who is the “man in black”? Why can’t Jack and Kate figure out what the hell they want to do with each other? I’ve been watching my favorite lost blog, DarkUFO closely to see if there have been any secret pre-premiere release goodies.  So far everything has been very tight and hermetically sealed in  J.J. Abrams magical “wunder bunker.”

So, I guess we’ll have to all discover it together.  It’s all going down tomorrow at 8pm on abc.

Are you ready?



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