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Thoughts, Anyone?

[Sorry once again, about the strange time signatures. Apparently, I can post from the future. The real date and time is  Jan 31st, 8pm]

mac and the uni

...a little bed time story for Mac.

As you may already know, from reading some of my previous posts, I have a special place in my heart for classic “ink and paint” animation.  An absolute must see film for the nostalgia  obsessed  is the 1982 Arthur Rankin Jr. adaptation of Peter S. Beagle’s most well-known work, The Last Unicorn.

The Last Unicorn is definitely one of the more darker themed “children’s novels. ” The story revolves around a Unicorn who begins to suspect she may be the last one left, she goes on journey to discover what ever happened to the rest of her kind.  Right from the start, the reader is thrust into a lush and lonely world of the immaculate unicorn.  In fact, here’s the opening sentence.

The unicorn lived in a lilac wood, and she lived all alone.

It demonstrates one of themes I believe to be strewn throughout the novel, isolation. I know as a child I could certainly relate. We all went through that awkward phase (some of us still are) when you felt, you knew you were different from everyone else.  Yet, midway into the novel the Unicorn is transformed to a human being in order to gain access to Haggard’s castle. She suddenly feels  “normal” and accepted, even discovers how wonderful it is to love and share her life with someone. She becomes so ensnared by the benefits of human mortality that she almost turns her back on saving her own kind.  Again,  this should connect with anyone who has ever wanted to be just like everyone else. They dress like everyone else, speak like everyone else, and all the while they try to push away who they really are, because why would that matter when you’re finally being “accepted?”

In the end though, she thrashes the Red Bull, the specter that imprisoned all of the unicorns in the sea and returns to her former likeness. However, she can’t live a naive life anymore and she spends the rest of her days in solitude reflecting harm and the heart of humanity.



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