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Thoughts, Anyone?

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I only have a ps3 at the moment, but this is one of those times I wish I had a 360.  😦

The sequel to the widely heralded “action-RPG” dropped  January 26th. From what I could gather from the review, there seems to be a lot of improvement going on.  One of my biggest criticisms of the game was that the consequences of the “dire” decisions you made in the first game really didn’t register.  Bioware promises that in the second installment the choices will show some impact in small parts, but in large doses when they finish the final third act.

Another thing, NO MAKO!!!! ^_^

I absolutely hated the mako sequences in Mass Effect and if they removed it, I must not have been the only one. Yet, I’m a little apprehensive, because at least to me, this looks less like an RPG and more like a third person action game.  Which doesn’t bother me too much, I mean the Metal Gear Solid series is hands down my favorite, but I was sort of hoping that this would be a great space RPG. That’s what sold me on the original.

Unfortunately, I don’t have my xbox 360 any more. I would love to give this beauty a spin.


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