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Thoughts, Anyone?

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Then We Came to the End is one of my favorite novels. They actually had it in my college library and I picked up by total happenstance . The book is a really funny story about a small business basically going down in flames and how all the employees are “adjusting” to this reality. Probably the most noted aspect of this book by reviewers is that it is written in third person plural instead of first person or third person singular, allowing the reader to follow several different characters and all their accompanying peccadilloes.

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I read some of the interview he gave with the AV Club. I didn’t read it all, in fact I only read the introduction, because I didn’t want the tiniest bit of  his new novel, The Unnamed spoiled for me. My favorite way of experiencing new things is what I’d like to call “going blind.” Which just means without any preconceived notions about what the story or film may be about. I do this because I had a bad habit of reading the last page of a book first, lol. So now, I “go blind” to make up for all of the stories I’ve cheated myself out of.

I hope to check this out this weekend if it’s already been released.



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