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Her Name is Ed Wilson

Thoughts, Anyone?

Get the hell out of the way Cronenberg!!!

The “Akinator” has pushed you from top reign in the THIS IS SO UNBELIEVABLE!!! head ‘splosion department…

Believe me, this genie has seriously crawled straight out of hell!

Don’t let his unassuming smile fool you.  If you play the sort of “20 questions” mini-game on  this website. You will begin to wonder if this genie is really a clandestine secret faction of the shadow government trying to “mind mojo” all bored unsuspecting visitors of their dark secrets.  Basically, you think of a character and answer the questions (to the best of your knowledge)  that the “demon-genie” asks. I swear it got Sokka from Avatar and Ameratsu (Okami). The only time I was able to stump it is when I was thinking of “Dot” from Dot and the Whale.

But otherwise, it’s been right every. single. time.

Besides being a fun way to kill time, it will also make you question whether there really are little green people that live in you mind.

Have fun or weep in a corner (choice is yours),



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