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Her Name is Ed Wilson

Thoughts, Anyone?

Yep. Definitely time.

Sorry for they oily mug. I was just working out and I realized I had a rat’s nest living on the top of my head. Oh, hair. It’s always been a sticking point with me. I think the rest of my “brownie” kind can attest to all the undo importance placed on it. It sounds so stupid, well because it is quite honestly stupid. The truth is I hate long hair. I’ve always hated it, but I’ve always felt self-conscious about cutting it.  It’s too much maintenance for me. Because my coif isn’t naturally straight, I have to take an industrial flat iron to it. I like short hair, I mean mega short, like Charlize Theron in “Two Days in the Valley.” It wasn’t until I was a junior in college that I up and chopped off all of my hair mostly out of frustration. I’m not sure why I started growing it out again. Mostly, too cheap to go get it “clipped” professionally.

This is me with long hair during my sophmore year of college. It took me hours at the salon to achieve this simple look.

It didn’t help much that the few guys I dated (very shortly) in college didn’t make me feel less anxious about it. Once I had a guy literally say, “You’re cute, your hair’s little short, but it will grow out.” UGH!!!!!  That was one of the hardest parts for me about feeling okay with cutting my hair. Accepting that I will never be that fantasy girl. Unless I wanted to feel miserable all of my life. It doesn’t help that I’m tad socially awkward. I’ve always been a tomboy and a geek and I don’t think that’s going to change. And the craziest part is,  because I hate people having hair or beauty standards in general that I didn’t want to live by…I certainly didn’t set my own. I went on date with a guy with a big beard and receding hairline. My biggest crush in college was a red headed guy with  “stout” body shape.  Of course, I couldn’t approach him cause I would look like a moron most likely, but I didn’t have any real standards.

If I could accept them, I don’t know why they couldn’t return the favor.  Sorry about the rant…Does anyone else out there in the land of the interwebs  have hair “growing pains?”



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