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Her Name is Ed Wilson

Thoughts, Anyone?

According to reports on, the newest most useless fad gadget has been delayed. I know, I know, Sony hates to disappoint people who were eagerly awaiting this “Shiny” new tech, but the PS3 motion controller will not be in production until much later than spring 2010. Did Sony not already learn its lesson from the sixaxis? Does anyone remember a little disaster I like to call LAIR?

Listen Sony, why don’t you be you and let wii be…well wii. Don’t try to be something you’re not okay? Really, I respect you Sony and I vouch for you, why do you always have to disappoint me? And pull one of these!

Below is a video I’m posting because I couldn’t help laughing at the guy trying to pretend he was actually proud of this gimmicky¬†monstrosity¬†feast on it below…

Yes, Sony. Like Emmett would say, “You a hot mess.”



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