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Her Name is Ed Wilson

Thoughts, Anyone?

No pics today kids.

I’ve spent most of today just sending out query after query after query. Unfortunately, the last query I did for the day was addressed to an agent that wasn’t even in the Agency I was querying.


I would give  my first million to the person who can invent a service that stops horribly written e-mails from crossing polluting the inbox of the receiver. That would be great then I could also rework an e-mail with a typos and every other e-correspondence foible. It’s probably obvious how “tuckered out” I am from this shabby post.

I got almost 20 queries sent today. If I can get one partial request out of that it would have been worth it.  I also have a used 2009 edition of Literary Market Place (LMP). I’ll look through there to see who accepts e-mail queries and then check them on Preditors and Editors.

I’m a fan of e-mail querying even though it can be kind of a headache. Less paper, less waste. Plus, easier on my wallet.  My biggest hope though is that soon the JABerwocky Literary Agency will start accepting unsolicited queries again. I doubt I have a shot, but at this point I don’t really care. I’ll try either way.

On other news, I’ve gotten a lot of brainstorming done for my 2nd novel called The Cartoonist. I’m really happy with how it’s going. One of my greatest influences is Ralph Bakshi and I like to think I’m paying homage to him in some way with the characters I’ve been toying with.  Of course, my stories do not have any incendiary racial undertones or stereotypes, but I do try my hand in borrowing from Bakshi’s crass, but perceptive brand of humor.


I actually got a nice personal response from an agent I queried today. It was both sobering and encouraging all wrapped in one. Yes, I was rejected, but I really appreciate that agent gave me some insight on the marketplace for my novel.  Even though, I don’t want to be buggered with more queries, it just inspires me to send more. I’ll sink my teeth into those tiny tidbits of advice and hope to improve little by little.


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