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Thoughts, Anyone?

Anyone who knows me can tell you I’m a tad bit of a “cardio junkie.”

I ran down my last pair of trainers so I bought some Adidas RLH Cross Spikeless.  I had an extra “40 quid” to spare and I ended up buying these. I wouldn’t say they’re the best pair I’ve ever bought. (I’m a huge advocate of both Asics and Puma)  However, I’m also a huge advocate for keeping money in my wallet…(see: cheap):

Here’s my run down…


No real question here. Definitely flashy. I’m sort of leery of the decals on the side, you know the trade mark Adidas stripes. They look a bit cheap in the color scheme. The colors are undeniably stylish though.

Sorry for the fuzziness, Mac was lapping at my camera the entire time.


From the jump, you can tell these are track shoes not pavement shoes, typically used for field athletes.  The bottom of the shoe has a slightly raised tread that helps the runner push against a surface for higher speed. Unfortunately, I wasn’t thinking about that when I purchased them. They kinda are low on the shock absorption, but they do allow me to kick out a bit of speed.  I wouldn’t recommend wearing these for long distance runs. I’m a small person so these fit me just fine, but for you giants out there, I would recommend you order a .5 size larger.


I’ve used the shoes for only a few days now, and though I’m quite certain that if I checked around a bit I could have gotten a better deal, I think these are good enough for the tread mill or outside track exercise. But for an all terrain shoe, I’ll gladly stick with my Puma trailfoxes (<3)



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