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Her Name is Ed Wilson

Thoughts, Anyone?

Well, it’s finally happened. You’ve been pushed out of the sedan. left on the curb. dumped. rejected…

I decided to post this picture from 2008 because it’s so full of unimaginable fail…Worst hair cut I got in my life. I was going through a “pixie period” or something…

Anyway, I am writing this after receiving rejection “numero dos” for my manuscript There are No Gods for Arthropods.

As I looked around for some sort of words of encouragement and a reason for meaning (see: googled),  I discovered a great post on Katie Carson’s blog, the Underground. She also extolls about this most vexing of states of being.

I’ll sum up her post as: It’s hard. Take it on the chin. Stay positive (ya freaking baby!)

Okay, I admit I embellished  a tad on that last bit, but I thought I’d throw in my hand at being  optimistic. Whether we’re talking relationships or aspirations there is no way we can avoid inevitable disappointment. I know I have and even if I don’t know you, I know you have as well. Sometimes, I feel it’s easy to be dejected especially when it is all nice and succintly wrapped in a “form letter.”

I’m sure my fellow writerly brethren know exactly what I’m talking about, but I’ll try to explain it for everyone else. Form letters are like those dates you go on where the guy says it’s not you it’s him. It’s sort of a safe way of  leaving you hanging without an honest reason for why everything fell apart. What you did wrong. How you can avoid your fumbles going forward. (not speaking from experience here of course…>_>…<_<)

It hurts the most because it leaves you stuck and now you have to find a way to dig yourself out with no direction, but you can still try.

What? Are you just going to mope in a hole for the rest of your life? Trust me, I’ve been there and there’s no darker place. The only way to get out is by knowing there is always a way out (and plenty of man candy in the sea).  That’s why I keep writing and revising, and re-editing, and working on the only thing I know how to do–my passion for the written word.

Hey, I confess I’m new at this and as possibly evidenced in this post I’m an amateur, but that doesn’t mean a thing to me.

All that matters is that all of us can get out, you just got to know when you’re ready.



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